We believe in love. With our whole hearts, we believe in love.
In the silence that is comfortable, in the moments in between. In the tiny little everyday nothings that make up a whole life together. So because of that, we see love where others might miss it. It’s in the finishing of sentences, the knowing all the right movie quotes, him wrapping you in your grandma’s quilt
the very first time you got sick... and every single time
since then.

It’s how from the first time he took your hand, you knew that nothing would ever be the same. Because for the first time in your life, you finally understood what coming home felt like. And it still amazes you how that small, simple act changed everything. But what we know, is that the small things are the big things. And the truth is, we believe there are no ordinary moments. Only a million tiny un-ordinary ones that make up a whole life together.

So... that’s what we do. We tell epic love stories for two people, where the world up until now only believed it saw ordinary.

And therefore, you should also know that as an absolute matter of principle we refuse to say “pretend.” We also won’t say dip her or jump in the air either. That’s because we believe that everything that makes love beautiful and a story worth telling, is also what makes it unstaged, imperfect, and real. We will never ask you to do anything stiff or posey. And the only kind of “cheese” we like is the Robusto one from Whole Foods paired with a fig jam. Which we will undoubtedly serve to you when you come over to meet with us. Along with our favorite red wine.

If that’s the kind of experience you’re looking for, we would love to talk to you more.

Justin & Mary